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What causes a pipe to burst? Well, in the cases of countries that experiences extremely cold weather, there are two reasons or causes that gets your pipes to burst

When a disaster strikes, this plan will ensure that everyone in the building, school, or residential property, are able to escape

When molds reproduce, their spores, which are invisible to the naked eye, float around in both indoor and outdoor air.

Just because smoke and soot are not as terrifying as a ball of flame, it doesn’t mean that they could not cause any damage.

Water heater leaks are not just behind a lot of wasted water, as they can also be responsible for water damage in some parts of the house as well.

Smoke and soot from fire accidents is harmful to people’s health and can ruin your belongings. If your home in South Florida has been affected by a fire accident, call a restoration professional immediately.

Treating your carpet with shampoo or baking soda not only removes the musty smell, but can also reduce the risk of molds growing on it after the drying process is done.

Learn what can cause the toilet in your home in South Florida to overflow and bring about a flooding accident.

All County DKI donation put to use. Local fire department put pet oxygen masks to use Dec 31,2013.

Dec 12, 2013. Palm Beach County, Florida’s pet population has a new reason to feel safer moving forward. Palm Beach County Fire/Rescue recently received the fifth donation of pet oxygen mask kits from All County DKI.

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