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All County DKI Donates Pet Oxygen Masks

Palm Beach County, Florida’s pet population has a new reason to feel safer moving forward. Palm Beach County Fire/Rescue recently received the fifth donation of pet oxygen mask kits from All County DKI. Now, firefighters are better equipped than ever for rescuing and resuscitating animals that are suffering from smoke inhalation.

Pet Oxygen Mask

Veterinarians need and use pet oxygen masks for support on sedated or breathing-challenged pets. For firefighters, however, these devices are useful for the revival of animals that have been exposed to thick plumes of smoke generated during a residential fire.

“This is a natural tie-in for our organization,” says All County DKI Sales and Marketing Director Daniel Herbert. “If we can save one family, one child from losing a beloved pet, then this is all worth it.”

In a simple ceremony, Herbert presented a set of masks to Palm Beach Fire Chief Jeff Collins. To date, All County DKI has donated 30 mask kits, with each kit containing three different sized masks that can be reused over and over. All County DKI and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue stated that the ultimate goal is to have these masks in every fire station to better prepare for emergencies where animals are involved.

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