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The Importance of Creating an Emergency Response Plan for Your Business

It is true that natural disasters can strike at any moment; destroying anything that gets in their path. Millions of buildings, properties, and lives, have already been lost from disasters such as storms, floods, and fires. It is impossible to stop these disasters in their tracks. However, there are many ways in which we can help reduce the number of damages, injuries, and deaths, when anticipated extreme climates are looming.

Developing an emergency response plan is just one of those methods. Emergency response plans are made primarily for people. When a disaster strikes, this plan will ensure that everyone in the building, school, or residential property, is able to escape before the danger becomes eminent. Do you remember those fire and earthquake drills during your time in school? Do not belittle their purpose; you are practicing the proper etiquette and escape plan, so that when the real thing happens you are able to escape in one piece.

Tips When Developing an Escape Plan

When developing a disaster plan for your business, you have to consider the following:

Emergency Response

What type of disaster is it?

Developing just one emergency plan does not help you avoid all types of disasters. Escaping a fire engulfed building is not the same as escaping a building being rocked by an earthquake. As much as possible, create plans for every possible situation; be it a flood, a sudden blackout or a snowstorm.

Know your Building Well

Placing the emergency exits in the right area of your building will make them easier to access and use to conduct an escape. Placing these exits in narrow passageways that lead to confusing alleys can spell disaster for your workers and your customers; easily triggering stampedes or suffocation.

Equip and Maintain Your Building

Disasters can start small, but they have the potential to grow into something. Purchasing equipment like fire alarms, smoke alarms, and fire extinguishers, can help you avoid having major troubles from little accidents. Have professionals routinely check your building so that you will be able to replace damaged equipment and repair areas that could potentially harm your business.

Practice Your Drills

You want your workers and your customers to exit your building in a calm and organized manner. Practicing different types of drills will prepare you, your workers, and your customers for the real situation. Your workers can calmly assist your customers out of the building, reducing the number of lives that could be lost. Untrained individuals may cause a frenzy during the actual event; making the escape more confusing and difficult.

People are the most important element in your business. It is your duty and responsibility to take care of them because you are dealing with human lives.

Do not worry about dealing with the aftermath of each disaster because we, at All County DKI, will take care of it. Areas in South Florida that have experienced water or fire and smoke damages are in good hands. For more than two decades, our team of professionals has faced every type of disaster imaginable; be it natural or man-made. We work round the clock, and no matter what size of the damage, we always get the job done. We assure our clients that by the time we are done, their home or commercialized space will look better than they remembered.

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