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Why Do Toilet Overflows Occur?

Toilet overflows or backup accidents are a fairly common plumbing problem which you are most likely to encounter at one point in your life or another. They can, of course, give property owners a serious headache since blackwater carries considerable health risks, what with all the pathogenic organisms that it carries.

Toilet overflows occur due to a number of factors. Read on and find out what these are so you can proactively prevent backup accidents from happening in your own home.

Toilet Overflow

Blockage from rubbish – The most common reason why toilets overflow is because people throw stuff into them that they are not supposed to throw there in the first place. Never treat your toilet like a disposal unit, an implement where you put used baby wipes, sanitary napkins, tampons, paper towels, and diapers. Even toilet paper can clog your toilet if it is disposed in big enough clumps. A good rule to follow is to never throw any trash into the toilet at all. Have a trashcan nearby where you can dispose of such items, and you’ll never have to worry about random stuff causing a blockage in your toilet.

Blockage from debris – Sometimes, plumbing systems are so old or poorly maintained that deposits and debris from breaking down pipes can cause a serious clog in them. When this happens, water can backup when the toilet is flushed. To prevent such incidents from happening, make sure that your system has not reached its breaking point. When it is beyond its service life, make the necessary upgrades.

Movements in the ground – Earthquakes and shifts in the ground that occur around your property can damage your pipes and cause toilet overflow accidents.

Tree root infiltration – Trees can sometimes damage pipes when their root systems push against the pipe network underground, the same way they do with sidewalk pavement. To prevent this from occurring, choose only plants and shrubs with shallow root systems.

Your locality’s wastewater system has a defect – Lastly, toilets can sometimes overflow because of a problem in your town or city’s main wastewater line. Consult a professional plumber, and if the backflow problem is determined to be coming from the city line, contact your local sewer or sanitation department immediately.

Overflowing toilets can be a tough predicament, but there are professionals who can help you. If you live in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas in South Florida, contact All County DKI immediately, and we’ll lend you a hand as soon as possible. We can be reached through our office phone number at 888-616-6811, or you may also send us a message through this page. Contact All County DKI today!

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