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Testimonial from Richard W. in Miami, FL

A residential home in Miami, FL recently experienced extensive water damage from a water heater leak. The homeowner, Richard W. immediately contacted his insurance company to discuss the damage and the next steps to getting his home back to normal. The insurance company recommended us at All County DKI for loss mitigation services.

Testimonial from Richard W. in Miami, FL

Richard immediately called us at All County DKI and spoke with Linda S. who facilitated getting a mitigation team out to the residence to provide a quote and begin restoration. Richard said the mitigation team was "timely and efficient" and able to quickly control the damage before it got critical. Richard was also very pleased that he was able to consistently talk with linda throughout the entire restoration process.

Marco V. oversaw the loss mitigation team as well as repair and contract services. Richard was appreciative of his knowledge, responsiveness, and availability throughout the process. Even when there was a hiccup between the project quote and insurance adjuster quote being inconsistent, Marco mediated the matter between all three parties respectively. All parties cooperated appropriately to resolve the gap and find a solution.

Donna assisted in many aspects of the restoration and repair processes. Richard was thankful of her patience and design expertise, as well as her ability to put the family at ease when dealing with awkward business transactions and insurance concerns. Richard said that Donna was remarkable, he spoke with her at least 10-15 times throughout the process and never felt rushed. She even provided her design expertise with the kitchen cabinets and coordinating styles and colors.

Richard explained to us that from the point when damage was discovered to the conclusion of restoration and repairs, he was fortunate to have All County DKI, the employees, and others handling the residential project. He said that the repairs are absolutely stunning and the project manager, Marco, has called the family and visited the home to check in following the completion of the job to make sure the family is completely satisfied with the outcome.

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