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Smoke and Soot Restoration in South Florida

Yes, it is a fact that seeing a roaring flame build up either inside or outside your home looks terrifying; but the fire itself is not the only problem you are facing when this type of disaster occurs. Do not think that once the flames are extinguished you and your home are safe from its harmful effects. On the contrary, if your home has not been properly taken care of after it has been exposed to the flames, you are exposing yourself and your property to smoke and soot damages.

What are the Dangers of Smoke and Soot Damages?

Property Damage

Property Damages

The damages that smoke and soot deliver to your property mostly concern the aesthetic and equipment elements of your home. Soot is a black, powdery substance that is capable of sticking onto delicate fabrics, which can be difficult to remove and clean. It is also tiny enough to enter the crevices of your appliances – further damaging your items’ internal structures. Smoke, on the other hand, leaves a different kind of imprint inside your home. Smoke can only be spotted through your sense of smell, and once it has found a surface it can imbed itself to your home and smell like something is burning, for a very long time.

Health Risks

Health Risks

When something is caught up in flames, its very constitution is slowly being dissolved. Now, there are items that, when burned, will not do much harm because they are made from non-toxic materials. If the material of a certain item is chemically charged, however, then the smoke and soot that are created by this substance are considered to be harmful to one’s health.

Smoke and soot come in forms that can be easily inhaled through the mouth and nose, and be absorbed by the skin. People who are sensitive, and over exposed, to such substances could experience major discomfort and obtain the following symptoms:

  • Itchy skin
  • Eye irritation
  • Constant sneezing and coughing
  • Having difficulty breathing
  • Other dangers that can be brought by smoke and soot also include:
  • Gashes in the lungs (via soot sediments)
  • Lung cancer (from constant exposure)
  • Changes of mental status (due to chemical asphyxiants and low levels of oxygen)

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