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Smoke Odor

Smoke Odor removal Services in South Florida

If you’ve had a recent fire in your home or workplace, contact All County DKI for an inspection. We provide fast and effective smoke odor removal and smoke damage restoration services to clients across the United States. We are based in South Florida and we have the ability to respond within hours after your initial call. For every other location in the country, we guarantee our personnel will be at your doorstep ready to work within 24 hours or less.

Our smoke odor removal service area includes: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Hialeah, West Palm Beach, Hollywood, Aventura, Kendall and surrounding areas. You can trust the All County DKI property restoration specialists. You will be glad that you selected our team.

The Dangers Posed by Smoke Damage

The thick plumes of smoke that a fire produces spreads a caustic brew of chemicals on everything it touches. This weakens your structure, damaging its contents and creating a health risk for the people in it. If you’re done cleaning up after a fire occurred but you still smell a burnt odor that doesn’t seem to go away, it’s time to call All County DKI’s team of fire damage experts to do the job for you. Contact us today! We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to get your place back to its pre-disaster state. If you let smoke residue linger, you could be looking at the following negative effects on your property:

Damaged Woodwork

Damaged Woodwork – When mixed with water or moisture, smoke particles can form a weak acid that eats away at wood. While you may not immediately notice the effects, wood can discolor, weaken, peel or form cracks over a period of time. This affects wooden floors, walls, ceipngs and furniture that were exposed to smoke as the fire happened.

Metal Corrosion

Metal Corrosion – Smoke’s caustic properties combined with water can accelerate the rusting process in metal parts of your building or its furnishings. Rust isn’t only unsightly, it also eats away at iron and forces you to cough up more money in maintenance work.

Broken Electronics

Broken Electronics – The circuit boards and other sensitive components found in electronics can malfunction when exposed to caustic and corrosive substances. Since smoke moves around in gas form, it can easily pass through the ventilation spts that serve as heat exhaust terminals for most gadgets and apppances.

Ruined Artwork

Ruined Artwork – Paint on canvas is very depcate. If smoke’s acidic particles come in contact with paint, it can cause chemical reactions that will result in discoloration. This alters the overall look of the art piece and lowers its monetary value. Similarly, acids from smoke can weaken the surfaces of stone sculptures, making them more susceptible to chipping and breakage.

Air Pollution From Smoke

Health Risks to Humans - Of all the things that smoke can damage, none is more precious than the health of the people who regularly enter your property. Constant exposure to smoke residue can trigger various skin and respiratory ailments. In some of the most severe cases, asthma attacks can be induced by smoke and cause additional casualties long after the fire’s last embers are extinguished.

Don’t let smoke damage cause any more harm than a fire has already infected on your home or place of work. Get in touch with our friendly and professional staff today and be on your way to the full and proper restoration of your property. For all your disaster recovery needs, trust only in All County DKI. Contact us today at 888-616-6811 or through our Contact forms.

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