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Plumbing Overflow Cleanup in South Florida

The pipes, toilets, sinks, and sewage and septic systems of your home, can only take in so much water pressure, before it breaks and explodes. You know that these systems contain sewage and waste, and in any event that it does burst or overflow, you are exposing yourself and your home to numerous property damages and health risks.

In some situations, do-it-yourself methods can temporarily handle the damage. However, if the situation cannot be controlled, or that your quick-fix methods have fallen apart, immediately seeking for professional help will assure you that the damage will be dealt with in the best way possible.

We, at All County DKI, offer the best cleanup services for plumbing overflow, in the surrounding areas of South Florida. Our operators are ready to take in any calls 24/7, and have access to the largest fleets of service vehicles and equipment in The United States.

Plumbing Overflow Problems

What Causes a Plumbing Overflow?

Most of our plumbing overflow cases are caused by backed-up toilets and clogged drains or pipes. These situations occur whenever an obstruction, that is bigger than the pipe itself, got stuck or was accumulated within the system’s passageways. If your systems do not drain or function properly, all that liquid waste will fill your toilets or flood in your home; releasing foul odors and toxic chemicals that can cling on your items and contaminate your environment.

What are the Types of Damages Caused by a Plumbing Overflow?

Since sewage is made up of various toxins, bacteria, and other harmful substances, it can damage more than just your home’s appearance.

Property Damage

Property damage

When your home’s structural materials like wood, concrete, and metal, are submerged in sewage, rust, wood rotting, and chipping, will be easily acquired in the future, which will weaken your home’s structural integrity. As for your furniture, drapes, and the like, the filthy liquid can linger on between their surfaces through, scent or stain, and damage them completely – making them unfit for future use.

Water Contamination

Water Contamination

Just like any liquid, sewage waste can seep into the other areas of your home where clean water is kept. If you do not immediately fix the overflow problem, your drinking sources will become contaminated significantly in just a few short hours.

Air Contamination

Air Contamination

The foul smell that is coming from the sewage is not the only problem you will face. These horrible smells are made of harmful toxins which, if excessively inhaled, can cause multiple skin and respiratory illnesses and diseases.

Mold Growth

Mold Growth

Mold is a secondary type of water damage. They love to manifest in dark, damp, and humid places. If mold is given the chance to spread and multiply, it can potentially damage your home’s integral structure and raise multiple health concerns like, allergic reactions, skin irritations, and possibly, respiratory diseases.

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